About ISMA

INTERNATIONAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (ISMA), founded in 1983, is a premier international security association of senior security executives from major business organizations located worldwide. ISMA’s mission is to provide and support an international forum of selected security executives whose combined expertise will be utilized in a synergistic manner in developing, organizing, assimilating, and sharing knowledge within security disciplines for the ultimate purpose of enhancing professional and business standards.

What are membership benefits?

ISMA provides opportunities to network with other senior security executives and to establish a leadership forum to provide personal and professional growth opportunities. Members benefit from semiannual workshops held in major cities around the world. Workshops focus on security, business, and leadership issues to include a members’ forum which generates open discussion on a variety of security, management and other relevant topics. One of the greatest benefits of ISMA membership is the opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships with other leaders in the international security community. These relationships benefit the company as well as the member.

What are the membership requirements?

ISMA membership requirements are necessarily stringent to ensure its members represent the highest levels of leadership in the security profession. Active membership includes Security Practitioners and Suppliers of Security Services. Security Practitioners are eligible for active membership only if they are the senior security executive whose primary responsibility is the development and formation of policies and controls of an organization with assets and/or sales exceeding one billion dollars per annum. Also eligible for active membership are Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) of companies engaged in supplying a full range of consultative security services whose business revenues meet or exceed one hundred million dollars per annum. Member must be a recipient of a Baccalaureate Degree or its international equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning or must have a minimum of six (6) years experience in a policy making role in the security profession in private industry

Security executives who have an interest in ISMA and who believe they are qualified for membership must submit an application form and be sponsored by three active members or two members of the Board of Directors. To ensure applicants meet ISMA requirements, a membership committee exists to thoroughly review applications and make final recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. For further information, please contact us.