ISMA Programs and Events

ISMA is a uniquely powerful international trusted information sharing network assisting and enhancing the management of security risk as a business function in a rapidly evolving business environment.  

Activity is built on extensive, immediate and actionable peer benchmarking and sharing.  Members collaborate actively in offering peer expertise, security intelligence, reach and thought leadership.  ISMA supports this by offering web and mobile based communication tools, targeted communication links, a resource library, and benchmarking resources.  

ISMA supports knowledge and expertise exchanges with individuals from the highest level of the security profession, including an exclusive professional education program that is among the profession’s best:

  • Members-only meetings twice yearly (January and June, in varying locations globally) delivering leading business, professional and academic content together with structured member interaction and networking.
  • ISMA Europe meetings and Regional Security Conferences elsewhere in partnership with relevant strategic partners, delivered annually for members and their delegates to discuss specific regional issues and challenges.
  • ISMA-Kellogg Senior Executive Program: Leading Through Crises at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) available annually for members and their staff to develop leadership skills and to improve their ability to interact with companies’ boards and senior management.
  • ISMA Emerging Issues for Emerging Leaders (EIFEL) annual one-day workshop held in Washington DC concurrently with the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s annual briefing, and featuring members’ case studies complemented by expert academic content.

Questions about ISMA's programs and events? Reach out to us!


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