ISMA Op-Ed: Restructuring Organizational Teams for Success During the Pandemic

The plans many of us had in place pre-COVID were based on a management structure where the focus was on a hierarchy designed for efficiency in risk mitigation. Our chain of command facilitated the transfer of information in a vertical path to allow for analysis and additional inputs at each step for a holistic picture of the situation at hand. The corresponding approvals for action were then transferred back down the chain. While the process was efficient from an informational standpoint, it was encumbered by numerous choke points which lengthened response times. The variables that impact the organization today are evolving too rapidly to invoke an effective, swift, and agile response. We can no longer operate the way we have in the past. The answer to our new problem is a flatter organizational structure, one which facilitates a more nimble and adaptable response to the daily – sometimes hourly – changes that occur.

Author: Molly Jin
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